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The domain of Packaging has seen tremendous transformation from standard packaging techniques, products and materials to advance methods and custom made design, shapes and sizes. Ensuring protection and safe distribution of food, pharmaceutical and various other products is the foremost function of Packaging Ware. And to deal in a huge spectrum of Packaging and Storage Items such as HDPE Drum, Plastic Container, Plastic Storage Container, Plastic Ice Boxes, Ice Storage Box, to name a few, we, Ghansham Ice Box Manufacturers came into establishment.

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Storing and Packaging has now become easy with our especially designed Plastic Ice Boxes, HDPE Drum, etc.

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Ours is a huge array of Packaging and Storage products that is designed to provide safe and secure

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Packaging and Storing of products is an important task performed by every industry and it would not

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In this highly competitive world, what makes a company succeed is not only based on the size or status
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Our area of specialization lies in producing Ice Storing Boxes in various sizes, capacities, materials and design.
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